What's in Our Name

Our name stems from our experience and belief that when a business seeks to maintain the whole connection between all the stakeholders — public and private, design and manufacturing, work and family, community and business, industry and the environment, social enterprise and profits — things work well.

The Whole Works serves designers who are looking for small-run cut and sew production, and who are dedicated to manufacturing quality products in an ethical and sustainable way.
stitching. community. together.

The Founders

team Sadye Harvey Co-Founder

I became interested in clothing production while working as a Design Assistant at Woo, a small clothing company in Los Angeles. I was drawn to the manufacturing side of the business, and loved spending time at the dye-houses, silk-screeners, and sewing contractors. There are real people making all of your clothes at every step of the way, a fact that never fails to fill me with awe. I want to support and be connected to that community of skilled and innovative makers, because I know there is nothing more fulfilling than creating something with your own hands.

team Janie Rich Munro Co-Founder

I believe in community, beautiful design and the power of creating with your hands. As an educator I have worked with individuals, families and communities to find meaning and connection through the beauty of making things. I grew up surrounded by family owned businesses and learned the value of business and hard work. Working with this team and GarCo Sewing Works to create a benefit corporation like The Whole Works brings together my belief in beauty, community and understanding of work to make meaning and promise within the fabric of our lives.

team Julia Marshall Co-Founder

Working women strengthen the fabric of our society. The chance to partner with Garco Sewing Works and develop a for-profit benefit corporation to take the initial dream one step further is a chance not to be missed. My back ground as a landscape architect and owner of my own firm has given me the opportunity to work on complex projects and manage an office of approximately the same size as The Whole Works for over twenty-six years. The business of landscape architecture teaches one to look for solutions that are not readily apparent keeping in mind aesthetic considerations, financial implications and how people fit into the picture.

team Kelly Alford Co-Founder

I believe deeply in the power of art, design and commerce to make the world a more beautiful, humane and meaningful place. Since 1988, I have worked as an imaginative design entrepreneur inventing powerful brands, and as a creative design and marketing executive. My experience as a hands-on leader and designer is rooted in my ability to execute the production, distribution and financial success of the idea. The Whole Works is a natural extension of my lifelong commitment to integrating the arts into everyday life, and my understanding of the uplifting power of the art, design and education to infuse all we do with meaning and possibility.