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Design Consultation
As a designer, you have a vision for the garments you want to make.  That vision determines the path you will take to create the final piece of clothing, but clothing production is a particular type of wilderness, and it helps to have a guide.
Fabric and Trim Sourcing
Sourcing fabric for your designs an be an incredibly difficult process.  Many larger fabric companies don’t sell to small designers, or require large, un manageable minimums.  Some fabric vendors will be difficult to talk to if you don’t speak their language.  A simple Google search will not provide many options, and even then, you have to search for the company that is the right fit for you.  If you are looking for sustainable fabrics, or fabrics that are milled domestically, that can further complicate the process.When you use our Fabric Sourcing services, you gain access to our extensive network of fabric vendors, both domestic and international.  Even if we do not have a vendor with the exact fabric you are looking for, we will take on the job of researching, reaching out, and ordering fabric so you don’t have to.  We pride ourselves on finding the best vendors for our clients, often with low minimums and in stock fabrics.

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Pattern Making
We offer in house pattern making services for basic styles, and also have access to a networks of pattern makers all over the country for all types of garments.

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