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Production Sewer

June 2016

PRODUCTION SEWER. The Whole Works, a Rifle cut-and-sew production facility, seeks experienced production sewers. Must be
proficient with industrial sewing machines and able to sew a variety of garments.

Send resume to: OR call Julia at 970-665-9067.

The Whole Works factory is bright, clean and filled with natural light.  Located on one of the main streets in Rifle, we encourage a sense of community and are often visited by people walking down the street.  We pride ourselves on treating everyone with dignity and respect, and do not place more or less value on any one position.  We work as a team on all projects.  We encourage our team members to be aware of their peers, and willingly offer help where it is needed to ensure a timely delivery of product to our clients.  Each person in the factory wears many hats, and gains a wide scope of experience.  The Whole Works offers support and training to ensure that our team is confident in their abilities as they learn and master new skills.